Unauthorized purchases, stealing of funds and identity theft are just some of the dangers we expose ourselves to while transacting online. In a world that is slowly becoming cashless and everything from goods to services is readily available on the web, online money wallets have become indispensable. In such a scenario, all we can do is get our hands on one of the safest online payment apps in India so that our money is in a safe place. IRCTC iMudra is not only a secure way to send money to one’s friends and relatives, it also enables users to carry out an array of activities online such as booking tickets, shopping, paying bills and lots more through a safe payment gateway. If you’re wondering what makes IRCTC iMudra one of the most secure online payment apps in India, then read further to find out.

  1. Factor User Authentication: One of the most effective methods to counter cyber attacks such as phishing is by adding an extra layer to the verification process. This simple yet effective technique can save users from a hoard of online scams. Every IRCTC iMudra user has to go through a two-fold verification process. While the first step can be completed using any identity card such as voter ID, driving license or passport, the full verification requires KYC details. This protects all accounts and further ensures that only verified users can extend their monthly wallet limit to Rs. 1,00,000.
  2. Secure Access: Whenever a booking or financial transaction is made through IRCTC iMudra, a unique transaction password/PIN as easy OTP is generated for safety and security purposes. Hence, users need not depend on their respective banks as payment can be processed directly through their IRCTC iMudra wallet. This simple process not only eliminates a tiresome payment cycle but also saves time and makes your money more secure. This is because the user’s cards/bank accounts are no longer exposed to the physical world; reducing the risk of cybercrime.
  3. Instant Report and Action: Your safety is our priority. IRCTC iMudra prides itself on the 24-hour customer support and quick action taken against any fraudulent activity. If you register some fishy activity in your account, then share your complaint with us immediately on our helpline number i.e 755 661 0661. We assure you that strict action will be taken against the guilty party.

Open a world of opportunities without exposing yourself to a world of cybercrime with IRCTC iMudra, a secure payment app made for all your digital needs. To get started, visit www.irctcimudra.com or download the IRCTC iMudra app from Play Store. iPhone users can also make the most of this app now by downloading it from App Store. Just get the app on your phone and enjoy this easy way to send or receive money with a single tap. And always remember that ultimately, your safety is in your hands. Never share sensitive or valuable information with strangers and make the most of IRCTC iMudra, your go-to online wallet that is safe, reliable and most importantly, secure.

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